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Transfer of personal information

If you  create an account at  , your personal information will be encrypted using SSL.

Cookies and web beacons

Many sites use  cookies  . A cookie  is a small piece of test that is transmitted from the server to your browser and contains unique information that allows you to identify the user on the site. Cookies  are automatically enabled in modern browsers, but they can be disabled at any time in the browser settings.
A web beacon  is a blank image that collects information about users independently or using  cookies.

How does use personal information collected from users?

Personal information of customers is used only internally (for example, to provide customers with information about the status of their services or other problems with services) and is not shared with third parties.
However, there are several reasons why  may transfer users' personal information to government agencies.

Can you change existing information about yourself?  allows users to change their personal information. If you want to remove your personal information, you can write to  service  support

How is information protected?

The personal information of any user is stored in encrypted form, to which only authorized persons have access.

Customers are responsible for the authentication data (emailand  password).

Links to other sites

Please note that  may contain links to other sites that may collect information about you. In this case, is  not responsible for the information you provide and you comply with the terms of the site you are linking to.