Web Hosting Purchase Instructions

To purchase web hosting, go to the following link and select your desired configuration.
When purchasing a web hosting, the system will automatically configure a virtual microserver in accordance with the configuration you specified, which will be isolated from other hosting and will work like a VPS server.

Processor Power - Indicates the CPU time allocated to your server that will be available to your server at any time.
RAM  - Indicates the amount of RAM allocated to your server that will be available to your server at any time.
Disk capacity  - determines the size of the files that can be stored on your server.

How does a web hosting microserver work?

Main (main)servers have a certain number of microservers (web hosting) that are completely isolated from each other but use the resources of the main (main) servers (CPU power, RAM, disk capacity, etc.) .
The resource usage limits are set according to the configuration you choose. For example:
if there are 10 other web hosts on the main server along with your web host and there are only 10 servers at the moment CPU power - 20% of your server power will be available at that moment with  CPU power80%. And if the  main (main) server is overloaded due to the load on it of microservers, then the amount of resources you have chosen ( processor power,  RAM ) will be available to your server in any case, which will ensure the stable operation of your server.

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