Upload-Install Wordpress website on hosting

Follow the instructions below to upload your Wordpress website to your hosting:
  1. Log in to your hosting control panel (https://your-domain:2082).
  2. In the control panel go to the domains "Domain > Domains" page or the subdomains "Domain > Sub Domain" page and specify the required PHP version for the corresponding domain or subdomain.
  3. In the control panel go to the next page "Database > MySQL Database" and create a MySQL database.
  4. In the control panel go to the next page "Database > MySQL Users", enter the MySQL database user and specify the appropriate MySQL database (Map Database).
  5. Download the Wordpress site archive (https://wordpress.org/download/).
  6. Open the file manager "File > File Manager", go to the public_html folder of the corresponding domain or subdomain and upload the Wordpress website files (you can upload the files as an archive and unzip them after uploading). You can also use sFTP client to upload files.
  7. Open your website in a browser, enter the required settings in the WordPress installation form and follow the instructions.

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