About us

gHosting.ge - offers professional hosting services for your sites, for which the company uses official GOOGLE servers all over the world.
Our company also offers professional services for setting up and administering servers.

GOOGLE servers are stable and high speed of work, and our specialists are constantly ready, To help you solve your problems as soon as possible.
When you trust us with your projects, you never have to worry about the stable operation of your project. So why risk your business by trusting someone else?


  • WEB Hosting - Each hosting account is hosted on an isolated virtual server that can be managed using a dedicated control panel. The server can also be managed via an SSH client (with root user privileges), which allows you to install any software on the server according to your requirements.
  • VPS server - You can install any software on a VPS server and fully manage the server.
  • Databases - If your site uses a large volume of MSSQL, MYSQL or Postgresql databases, this may cause the site to crash due to the seizure of a large part of the resources to the database servers. Use a database customized and optimized by Google.
  • Professional hosting - If your site serves a large number of visitors and requires special server services, our company offers professional services for configuring and administering servers.